Allstate Group Beats Winter Weather with Team Spirit

Winter can be hard in Michigan, but when incredible energy and spirit warm the air like they did during one recent Team Synergy workshop for Allstate, it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside!

Allstate Insurance really went to town with the team spirit during their workshop with us this past February.  The interstate gathering of employees became somewhat of a sports rally, as everyone was wearing their colors, reflecting their favorite sports teams. Of course this really worked to boost the mood to exciting levels!

This is really what Team Synergy is all about!

allstate-logoWhen the weather gets you down, the right energy can bring you back up- this works for teams, too.  Allstate held their tristate regional meeting in Livonia, and in February, it’s about as cold as you’d ever want to experience.

On top of that, the weather was especially terrible the day of this workshop. That brought down attendance levels by about 25%, but that didn’t stop the group who did show up from displaying lots of great energy.

I guess that means the bad weather meant only the best showed up!  As a result, the group already had a good amount of team synergy happening for them.

Allstate’s theme for the day: We are better together.

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-BuildingAllstate came into this workshop with the absolute best attitude, as well as the perfect theme: “Winning Together”.  We couldn’t have said it any better.  Teams can accomplish so much more than scores of individuals working by themselves.  Again, that’s what Team Synergy is all about.

The Allstate team showed what they were all about during this high-energy workshop.

We took the incredible spirit the Allstate team brought with them and channeled into some creative and productive activities that helped to build that teamwork mentality so it was even stronger.  With hands-on activities like:

  • Say What I Say
  • Air Counting
  • Complete the Circuit
  • Flip the Tarp

…the group formed some very strong bonds of trust, which laid the groundwork for some very productive efforts towards improving teamwork skills.  The final activity was “Commercials”, one of our all-time favorite activities for building collaboration skills among team members.

The take-home: team synergy, even when the pressure mounts.

Maintaining team spirit in a happy, relaxed environment like a workshop is one thing, but this Allstate group was striving to build trust and improve their communication skills so they could keep that spirit alive even when stress levels rose high at work.  Judging by how well they nailed the Team Synergy workshop activities, we think they’ll do just fine!

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