Amazing Scavenger Race

In today’s business world, as with high functioning sports teams, practice is important. Not just time practicing, but practice that conforms to a clear process of action, feedback, adjustment, and action again.

The Amazing Scavenger Race provides your team an opportunity to practice being a team in a high energy, hilarious event.

Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Ann-Arbor-MichiganEngage your team in a combination Amazing Race/Scavenger Hunt event that our design team will customize from start to finish, incorporating your ideas and themes into the event. Typically the primary purpose of this event is for the group to have a great time, and we can also incorporate a debrief with key learnings.

Our Ann Arbor course consists of about five stops around the downtown Ann Arbor area, from Kerrytown to the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. With the discovery of each location, teams will photograph themselves in specific ways in order to earn points for style, creativity, and silliness!

High performance is the product of deliberate practice.

The activities in this workshop are nothing too strenuous, nothing too challenging.  No human pyramids will be built here!  Your team will gain practice in:

  • Measuring their success before moving on, assessing and adapting
  • Realizing we are what we see in each other
  • Understanding how feedback from one activity can improve the next

Amazing Scavenger Race in Ann Arbor Michigan HandAll photos are collected through a specially designed website, and available as a slideshow for your group to enjoy at their final destination (and long after your meeting is over). The laughter engulfing the room as the slideshow plays is contagious and infectious! It will be clear your group had a fabulous time!

Does your group have a conference, meeting, or summit planned? Get them out and moving, having fun, being silly together, and building their team relationships along the way.

Giving them a break from the intensity of their important work together will renew their energy and focus, as well as strengthen their bond.

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