BI Worldwide Gets a New Twist On an Old Classic

If you’ve ever been part of a charity team building workshop, chances are it involved building bikes.

That’s because charity bicycle building is the number one choice of companies nationwide when it comes to team building and charity work.  Seriously, it’s the most popular team building workshop ever!

So it came as no surprise that BI Worldwide chose our Bike-A-Thon™ bicycle building workshop this past December.

bi worldwide logoWe love the workshop too- but sometimes the tried-and-true needs a little updating.  That’s why we got inspired to inject a little of today’s pop  culture into the blend of activities…TV’s Shark Tank.

What does a TV show have to do with team building?

All our charity team building workshops involve hands-on activities and a little friendly competition.  Sometimes we use a module called “TV Commercials”.  The group splits into teams, and each one dreams up TV commercials for a fictional product.

They perform their TV commercials in front of a panel of peer judges and points are awarded for creativity.  It’s a collaborative effort requiring a wide range of skill sets.  Ideally, each team member gets to contribute according to his or her own talents.  It’s a microcosm of how teams should work in the office.

Instead of “TV Commercials”, our facilitator got very creative and came up with the Shark Tank idea.  If you know the show, you understand the level of competition and excitement that takes place in this format…perfect for this part of our team building workshop!

A few local news teams showed up.

We love it when the community gets involved in our events, and so do our clients.  BI Worldwide was as pleased as we were when a reporter from the local newspaper arrived to snap some pictures and do a little feature story on our event.

Then a small team from the local 6pm news showed up- it had everyone feeling like celebrities!  We were pretty excited to have all the attention, but the real excitement was when the kids from the United Way showed up to receive their bicycles.

Bikes for kids, the point of it all!

The bicycles BI Worldwide assembled were gratefully accepted by the United Way of Southeastern Michigan.  For anyone who’s planning some Detroit team building workshops this year, consider this organization for your donations.

They’re very well organized, a great staff to work with.  They even provided us with a fantastic space to work in, right on their premises.  It made the donation ceremony very stress-free and convenient for everyone.  Thanks, United Way, and thanks BI Worldwide for making this one of the best Bike-A-Thon™ workshops ever!

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