What is Charity Team Building?

What exactly is Charity Team Building?

Team building events shouldn’t leave you feeling bored or awkward. If you’ve ever sat through one of these, then you know the feeling! Team building can be so much more than a fun day of games: a well-designed event can help your team meet challenges and become a better team.

It can also help your company fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

Team Building That Makes a Difference in Ann Arbor

What-Is-Charity-Team-BuildingBy working a charitable aspect into our super-engaging and productive team building workshops, we’ve created a series of workshops that do it all!

Charity team building workshops offer your team a way to work better together by helping your company give back to the Ann Arbor community. Any one of our charity team building workshops ensure that your group comes away with more than just a fun day out of the office…a sense of fulfillment is only the beginning.

Do More With Your Training Dollars

By choosing a charity team building event for your group, you’re making a smart choice in so many ways. Dollar for dollar, you’re multiplying added value when it comes to accomplishing several goals at once:

  • You’re investing in your team’s performance by choosing a workshop with tangible results that transfer back to the work environment.
  • You’re investing in the future of your team by choosing a workshop based on sound educational principles.
  • You’re multiplying the effects of team building activities by choosing a workshop that provides a common, charitable goal that engages and motivates every team member.
  • You’re investing your company’s money wisely: Charity Team Building workshops offer team building and corporate social responsibility.

Upgrade to Charity Team Building

If this sounds intriguing to you, then it’s time to upgrade to the next generation of corporate team building workshops. Charity team building workshops can not only make a real difference in the Ann Arbor community but also strengthen your team with lasting effects.

If you’d like to find out how a workshop with a social mission can make a real difference, give us a call. Tell us your team’s goals, and we’ll help you select a charity team building workshop that expresses your company’s culture and delivers results. Using our proven four-step model for team-building success, we know we can help your team improve on all fronts…communication, collaboration, problem-solving…and now with charity team building workshops, they improve their connections to the Ann Arbor community as well.