Happy Tails Charity Team Building

Happy Tails Workshop to Benefit Shelter Pets in Ann Arbor

“They motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure and be loyal.” – Tom Hayden, on pets

You’ve never seen a charity team building workshop like this before! Happy Tails gives you the chance to help out local four-legged friends while you build teamwork skills.

Combine powerful, engaging team building activities with the chance to do good in the world and you’ve got yourself a team building workshop that delivers results.

What kind of results can you expect?

Happy-Tails-Animal-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoFor starters, your team gets to contribute adoption care packages to local animal shelters in Ann Arbor (or the ASPCA or the program of your choosing). These packages go towards facilitating pet adoptions and easing the burden on new pet owners who are about to open their homes (and their hearts) to a shelter pet.

Upfront expenses often stand in the way of pet adoption, and care packages including things like food bowls, collars, chew toys and other incidentals go a long way towards making things easier for new pet owners.

It’s Not All Fun & Games!

Teams work hard and must tap into their best teamwork skills to solve puzzles and quizzes in order to earn pieces for their care packages. Our facilitators don’t make it easy on them! They know how to introduce the right amount of challenge into the experiential learning activities that make up a typical charity team building workshop with Ann Arbor Team Building.

What skills are developed in a Happy Tails Team Building Workshop? Believe it or not, our four-legged friends can show us a thing or two about teamwork…

The Best Team Relationships are Built on Trust & Loyalty

Dogs are among the most loyal of any companion you could ever have. Teamwork takes loyalty, too-

  • respecting colleagues’ contributions
  • understanding that different isn’t bad- just different
  • knowing that when everyone contributes, the team wins
  • setting the scene for clear communication

The key to success in this workshop is for participants to understand each others’ communication styles. Through fostering an understanding of diversity in the workplace, and how we all approach problems from different angles, the idea is to strengthen the team. The result? A work environment where everyone contributes and productivity goes up.

Sounds Good!

If that scenario sounds good to you- a workshop where colleagues learn to further trust and respect each other- then give us a call or fill out the quote form on this page. We’ll be happy to answer questions about how we can customize a Happy Tails workshop for you!