Holiday Team Building

The season of giving embodies two sentiments: goodwill to others and a renewed sense of hope. Our Holiday Team Building workshops are formed around those very same cornerstones, which also happen to make a great backdrop for team building activities.

With Holiday Team Building Workshops, You Get The Best Of 3 Worlds

holiday-team-building-snowflakesWe’re always sneaking teamwork skills into fun activities with our charity workshops, but with the holiday versions, there’s even more packed in. These highly interactive workshops combine all the wonderful spirit of a holiday party, the collaborative vibes of a charity event, and the positive energy that comes from improving your team.

With each holiday rendition of our year ’round charity workshops, teams will be:

  1. Celebrating in a festive holiday atmosphere
  2. Working together for a charitable cause
  3. Improving teamwork skills

Even beyond all that, there’s still room to customize the holiday workshops any way you like.

Take, for example, our Mission: Kids Care workshop. During the holidays, the backpacks we normally fill with school supplies during the back-to-school season are now filled with holiday items. If your company has an existing partnership with a children’s charity, we’ll customize the gifts to fit that group.

Customize Your Holiday Workshop

happy-elvesAre you thinking of replacing your usual holiday party with a charity workshop? You don’t have to give up the festivities just because you’re working for the common good. We can arrange a two-part workshop where the first half is full of ice breakers and interactive challenges and games (holiday-themed), then the second half is all about the charitable work.

It’s your choice: focus on the festive nature of the season, the team building, or the giving back part of the workshop. You pick the right blend and we’ll make it come to life.

You may also choose how long you’d like your holiday workshop to be. Some parties are just one hour, with the rest of the time reserved for other activities like a company dinner, a year-end celebration, and even an annual kick-off event to start the new year.

Whichever way we all mix things up, you can be sure everyone will feel the warmth of the holiday season when they work together to make the season a little rosier for others, too.

Here are Some of the Ways You Can Celebrate the Season of Giving

If you’re familiar with our charity team building workshops, then imagine them transformed into holiday-themed celebrations of giving back. They’re even more fun, more rewarding, and more motivational! Here’s how some of them work:

  • Bike-A-Thon™. This is the season of giving, and what makes a better gift for a kid? Teams assemble bicycles through hands-on teamwork activities, then enjoy a Donation Ceremony at the end of the event.
  • Mission: Military Care. There’s no better time to remind our overseas soldiers that we’re thinking of them back here at home. This is an especially tough time to be separated from family. Teams come together to fill bags to overflowing with holiday gifts and holiday cheer for soldiers.
  • Donate-A-Dinner™. This is another year-’round workshop that fits perfectly into the holiday theme. Teams get really into the holiday spirit with this one, which has them competing for points which get transformed into holiday dinners for those who need them. It’s a festive, hands-on way to donate to the community, and a meaningful way to celebrate the holidays.

Just take any one of our charity workshops – eight in all – and it can become your holiday charity team building experience.

A Word on Scheduling Your Charity Workshop During the Season of Giving

As you might expect, this is our busiest time of year. Seems the idea of holding a charity workshop – slash- holiday party is really catching on! Therefore, you’ll want to book early. Our slots get filled up with many past clients booking in early Fall.

Ready to get started? Browse our holiday team buiding workshops or simply contact us now and we’ll set you up with the most giving way of celebrating the holidays… and also the most fun!