Mission: Kids Care

Mission: Kids Care™ -Team Building That Also Helps Ann Arbor Kids

This year, why not choose a team building workshop that helps out kids in local Ann Arbor neighborhoods? Mission: Kids Care™ provides valuable workplace skill development for your team as they work together to provide care packages for local families with kids heading back to school in the Fall.

Team Building to Help Ann Arbor Kids

Mission-Kids-Care-Team-BuildingYou see, every year there are kids right here in Ann Arbor who go back to school without the proper supplies. School supplies cost money which some families just don’t have, and that’s where Mission: Kids Care™ steps in. In this carefully planned workshop composed of several complementary modules, team members focus on important workplace skills as they learn the importance of their own contributions.

Preparation Works for Everyone

Preparation is the key to success in this workshop, whose theme is preparing kids for school. When there’s a common goal, each team member learns that his or her own contributions have value in planning for success. Every workplace can benefit from better planning at every level, and the more each member participates, the greater the efficiency in any task.

That’s exactly what this workshop is all about. Your team will be presented with fun yet challenging tasks which require them to work as a team to plan a successful outcome. They’ll work on skills such as:

  • collaboration
  • planning before doing
  • measuring success
  • organizing a team for success
  • defining when a mission is successful or complete

Care Packages for Kids in Ann Arbor

In a world where we often leave little time for proper planning, this workshop teaches team members the crucial skills involved in carefully planning and executing their mission while staying focused on the ultimate goal…all the while engaging in fun activities aimed at producing care packages for kids in Ann Arbor. Your Mission: Kids Care workshop can even be tailored to fit your desires or time of the year…holiday items can be substituted for school supplies, or items needed at a shelter. We’ll customize it any way you like.