Mission: Military Care

Mission: Military Care- Redefining Success to Support Our Military

Nobody knows the meaning of courage like our military men and women. That’s why here at Ann Arbor Teambuilding we are passionate about supporting them every way we can. The Mission: Military Care teambuilding workshop is a shining example of how we like to put values to work and give them a practical application. During this workshop, your team will appreciate being able to make a difference in the lives of our service men and women as they work to improve their teamwork skills.

Teams Learn About Courage as they Help the Most Courageous Among Us

While this workshop is about teambuilding, the motivating forces are the charitable organizations behind it. Ann Arbor Teambuilding works closely with a select handful of organizations founded to help our military:Mission-Military-Care-Team-Building

There’s an end product to this workshop which serves to motivate and inspire your team to overcome obstacles presented to them. At the end of the day, the care packages from each workshop go to one of the organizations listed above, for a tangible, powerful effect in the real world. Change the way your team thinks about success, bring them together to communicate better than ever and fulfill your company’s charitable mission: everybody wins.

What Spells Success?

As it turns out, what works for the military can work for your team. As each member will find out, courage, focus and teamwork go a long way towards success, just like they do for our service men and women. The obstacles they encounter in the Mission: Military Care workshop become progressively more difficult, as our professional facilitators challenge them to use courage to explore new patterns of communication, to find solutions, and to focus as a team for results.

Team Building for Success in the Workplace

The challenges your team encounters are directly related to scenarios they see every day at work- only now they get the chance to take on new roles and to redefine success. For example, one common workplace issue is an overload of information. Team members who are successful are able to sift through loads of data to hone in on exactly what they need for completion of their mission. Eventually, this leads to greater efficiency and improved decision making. Isn’t that what we all want, at every level?

Inspire your team as they work together to give back to the military community. Let Mission: Military Care be your next teambuilding workshop in Ann Arbor.

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