Puttin Pantry

Puttin Pantry™ It’s Fun to Challenge Your Ann Arbor Team

Want to improve your team’s skills and help them form new bonds with each other? Puttin Pantry™ helps you do both: it’s a day of stress-relieving fun but the true goal is to develop valuable skills that will help them realize their true potential back in the office. Puttin Pantry™ is all that! It also happens to be one of our most-often selected workshops for groups who want more out of their team building event. You get team bonding, team building and giving back to the community- no wonder Puttin Pantry™ is so popular!

What is Puttin Pantry™?

Teams obtain non-perishable food items and use them as building blocks to form a mini golf course. Through various innovative team-building activities centered around the planning and creation of the course, each team learns the value of cooperation, organization and other easily-transferable skills.

After a few rounds on each course, teams tear it all down, package it up nicely and together they donate it to a local food bank or other charity in Ann Arbor…bonding as well as team building each step of the way.

What Makes Puttin Pantry™ Work so Well?

Ever notice those who design golf courses are called architects rather than just landscapers? Designing a golf course takes creativity, thought, and a clear vision before anything can be implemented. Even during the construction phase excellent organization skills are required. Well Puttin Pantry™ is only a workshop and it’s just mini golf but success still depends on those very same skills!

That’s why this is a particularly effective team building activity. Before they can place even one can on the AstroTurf, your team members must work through the design phase. They’ll use the following skills:

  • collaboration
  • communication
  • selecting a spokesperson
  • managing resources
  • evaluating success
  • handling feedback

That’s quite a hefty assortment of team building skills…which means each team member will be sure to find his or her niche in the overall plan. That’s why you’ll love Puttin Pantry™: everyone gets to shine on this golf course!