Wheelcharity Wheelchair Team Building

Wheelcharity ™ in Ann Arbor

WheelCharity-Wheelchair-Team-BuildingSet your goals higher and imagine your next corporate team event resulting in enhanced productivity for your team and a renewed sense of community involvement…that’s our Wheelcharity™ wheelchair team building workshop.

In this results-oriented workshop, team members learn the value of healthy competition and good communication skills as they pursue their common goal.

Wheelchairs for Ann Arbor Hospitals…or Wherever You’d Like

The result is something your entire team can get behind: wheelchairs are donated to a hospital in Ann Arbor, a veteran’s center or a national wheelchair organization…or come to us with your idea and we’ll gladly accommodate your team’s chosen charity…any which way the wheel turns, your team comes away with stronger connections among each other as well as with the Ann Arbor community.

The Value of Giving Locally

The Wheelcharity™ workshop was created to answer the rising demand from companies that wanted more out their team building investment. We saw the chance for teams to come together, get to know each other better, improve collaboration…and renew their sense of community and social involvement by donating wheelchairs used in the workshop to those in need the Ann Arbor community. At every level, it’s about building better relationships.

Collaboration, Competition & Communication

When team members are actively engaged and focused on a common goal they all believe in, they learn about each other in ways which go towards strengthening workplace relationships. An estimated 1.7 million Americans use wheelchairs and there’s an ever-present need for these all-important mobility devices in any community, including right here in Ann Arbor.

Your team will build wheelchairs together in a structured, task-oriented environment led by our professional facilitators. Our four-step model (Challenge-Activity-Debrief-Transfer) ensures that your team comes away with improved workplace-relevant skills and stronger bonds…the ultimate goal!

As always, we can customize your workshop to fit your theme or the time of year. A wheelchair obstacle course can be worked in, or we can focus on more creative team-building activities like decorating the chairs with positive messages of inspiration. Give us a call and tell us about your group and your goals, and we’ll tailor the Wheelcharity™ wheelchair team building workshop to fit your goals.