Eloquest Amazing Scavenger Race in Downtown Ann Arbor

On yet another beautiful sunny summer day in downtown Ann Arbor, the sales group for Eloquest Healthcare had just finished up three straight days of meetings and were ready to have some fun. Time for our Amazing Scavenger Race!

Eloquest-Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Ann-Arbor-Gown-ShopFirst up – a quick team building activity designed to helped the group to get to know each other a little better and to have fun and build some enthusiasm and energy.
Then, they were given an envelope with clues about places within walking distance, and once they figured out what each destination was they either had to answer a question or take a photo with the team in at a certain location. Most of the locations had historical significance for our great city, but we threw in a few that were simply fun or zany.

Using a creative system that we designed, participants could take photos with their own cell phones or tablets, and email them to a secure address. No new technology to learn, and the event coordinators can not only see the photos in real-time, they can have a slideshow ready when the groups come back in at the end. Pretty slick! The team dug through the costumes and fun things in the provided bags, and really showed their creative sides with some hilarious photos.

The end goal of the workshop was just to Have Fun and get everyone to work together as a team to accomplish the tasks that they were assigned. Mission accomplished!

What better place to end a fun afternoon outside than at an Ann Arbor classic – the Gandy Dancer. We’re pleased to have been chosen to add a team building twist to Eloquest’s meeting, and we’re looking forward to the next round!


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