Rescue Buddies™ Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop

Did you know that police, fire rescue workers, and paramedics often carry stuffed animals to give to the kids they see in critical moments of crisis?

Ann Arbor Team Building Stuffed Animal Team BuildingRescue Buddies ™ stuffed animal team building is a program that enhances your team’s ability to solve problems and overcome challenges as they work together through high-energy activities. More than just stuffing teddy bears, this workshop requires strategic planning, coordination, and the ability to recognize individual contributions to the success of the whole team.

We set the stage for your team to overcome obstacles – and occasionally some frustration – in a way that will create learning moments and contribute to the growth of each individual and the whole team! Ann Arbor Team Building Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop | Buddy On Stretcher In expertly crafted debriefing activities, participants process what they have experienced in the context of how their insights translate to the challenges of the workplace. Each member of the team has an opportunity to see how they can contribute in important ways at every stage of team development, as well as how to meet challenges more effectively as they come about.

Whenever possible, we will arrange for representatives from a local emergency response team to attend the closing of your event and personally receive your donation.

Ann Arbor Team Building Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop | Firefighters Make A DifferencePicture the moment – your team gathered at the end of a great stuffed animal team building workshop, listening raptly as a local police officer shares a memorable story of how a simple stuffed animal provided a world of comfort to a child on what was probably the worst night of their short life. And if you have a specific organization in mind that you’d like to see the stuffed animals go to, just let us know. We are more than happy to work with the benefit partner of your choice – it’s your event!

Our expert facilitators will set a tone reflective of your organization’s unique culture, style, and goals. Increase team effectiveness while strengthening team confidence and really enjoying yourselves in the process!

Duration:2 1/2 hours is the average program length, and we can customize it to fit your schedule needs.
Donation: Coordinating with the benefit partner on your company’s behalf is part of the package. Whenever feasible, we invite members of the organization receiving your donation to attend the final part of the workshop for a memorable ending!
Combo: Many of our clients find tremendous benefit in combining a philanthropic team building experience with one of our classroom-based programs to make a complete day of professional development. Our Corporate Specialists would love to hear from you and create your customized quote.