The Big Picture

Everyone Contributes to The Big Picture

Picture a day of team building after which your group members know each other better, and this leads to everyone making more positive contributions in the workplace. They’re no longer anxious about sharing ideas and the workplace environment changes for the better. A culture of respect and collaboration begins to take root and productivity goes through the roof.

Well imagine no more…The Big Picture workshop focuses on these goals and more. Your group will come to appreciate the value of collaboration and the wisdom of listening to each and every member’s ideas for a diverse variety of input. They’ll learn to let go of fears of expressing their ideas to a group as they work together to create The Big Picture.

The Big Picture Brings Out the Creativity in Everyone

The-Big-Picture-Mural-Team-BuildingYour group will really dig in and discover each others’ individual personalities as they collaborate on a “masterpiece” art project. The idea is to recognize the value of each nugget of creative input, mimicking the collaborative projects in the workplace where brainstorming and working toward a common goal are important.

Team members learn that while not every “nugget” is as important as the next, even those seemingly small contributions can provide inspiration for the group. Every collaboration is comprised of a “patchwork” of ideas, just as the group masterpiece will be created as a collage of individual contributions.

Benefit the Ann Arbor Community

Art supplies used in creating The Big Picture will be donated to a local Ann Arbor art program or wherever your group chooses. As more leaders recognize the value of giving back to the community, the social aspect of giving to Ann Arbor charities becomes more important in all our team building workshops.

The Value of Diverse Minds

Respecting co-workers helps foster an open environment where people are not afraid to share their ideas. Some of the other workplace skills our professional facilitators will help your team improve include:

  • using co-workers are resources and sharing information by breaking down barriers
  • overcoming anxiety over speaking to the group and contributing ideas

After a workshop filled with fun, challenging tasks which focus on collaboration and communication, your team can go back to work with a renewed sense of community and a more productive workplace environment for all.