Corporate Team Fusion

Corporate Team Fusion is team development training that emphasizes the skill building your team needs to become more effective.

Team Fusion LogoWhile most of our corporate team building activities are designed to be more fast-paced and fun, Team Fusion is designed to help your team develop the skills for whatever challenges they face.

Is your team newly formed? Going through a growth phase? Adapting to change?

This classroom style training is not formula driven so your team receives the same boxed material that every other team is given. It takes longer to design and takes a higher skill set to be able to customize this type of team development training. But your team will benefit from our highly skilled facilitators with strong backgrounds in organizational development, training and development and performance consulting.

Effective teamwork skills for your team include:

  • Verbal, nonverbal and virtual communication
  • Creative strategies for resolving conflicts
  • Techniques for brainstorming and creativity
  • Foundation of understanding personality styles
  • Generate solutions for problem solving
  • Facilitated strategic planning

With Corporate Team Fusion, we don’t take the fun out of team building. We just make it tangible. Blending didactic teaching with interactive initiatives, the appropriateness of a program and the activities chosen will revolve around your objectives and desired outcomes.

Your team is unique. Shouldn’t your training be too?

Ann-Arbor-Team-Building-Corporate-Team-Building-Activities-Team-FusionThe specific modules, assessment tools, strategic action planning and learning models your group will be engaged in are determined during the needs assessment with the facilitator. If yours is a leadership team we may include elements from our Campfire Leadership, a look at personality styles for leaders. We take the Covey approach of beginning with the end in mind, and custom design each workshop to achieve your specific learning objectives.

A common pitfall with team development training is not what happens during the program, but after the meeting is over. Teams walk away from a powerful experience with some helpful insights about the team only to go back to business as usual. We strive for business as unusual.

Becoming a high performance team is a continuous process, not a one-time event. We’ll strategize with your team to answer What are the next steps? How do we continue this development?

The end of this workshop is just the beginning for your team.