DiSC Personality Training

DiSC® personality training in Ann Arbor is the most effective tool we have to help your team gain an understanding of individual communication styles and build on a common language.

Everything-DiSC-Authorized-PartnerYour team is motivated for their own reasons – not yours. DiSC personality assessments are not designed to label or place people in boxes and they do not explain everything about who we are and how we function. A DiSC profile does address the differences in individual motivation and preferences concerning how we interact with others and the world around us.

DiSC assessments are a powerful instrument to help your team understand differences in preferences.

Interactive DiSC personality training workshops are designed to give your team members the tools they need to understand and appreciate the differences in their team members. Clients often inquire about a DiSC assessment with common concerns:

We have experienced many changes in our offices and are expanding our locations and services. I am looking to boost morale, work on building a teamwork mentality with our staff—understanding each other’s personalities will be key in this. We are looking for the additional benefit of understanding our clients better.

Simple. Effective. Tangible.

One reason understanding DiSC is so helpful is that individuals learn to adapt their own responses depending on the DiSC style of the other person. Some of our clients even make a point to have something symbolic on each team member’s desk to keep personality styles top of mind. A simple reminder that you are approaching the influencing personality style so begin with warm small talk can go a long way, in the same way someone else approaching you will include extra details to satisfy the analytical nature of your Compliant style.

This interactive workshop is filled with learning and laughter as your team takes a look at how each personality style has different communication methods and underlying motivations, providing a basis for respect and productivity.

NOTE: Although there are numerous sites that purpose to offer information on DISC tests you are encouraged to seek out legitimate providers of DiSC assessments and DiSC training resources and services. Many psychological type instruments posted on the Internet have not undergone the reliability and validity testing, which ensures accuracy of instrument results.