Team Synergy

Team Synergy ™: High Performance Team Building

Let’s face it: every workplace can use a bit of positive change. Team Synergy ™ is a high-performance workshop aimed at refocusing a group that might need just a touch of team spirit injected back into the mix. If you’ve got “issues” in the workplace, or if your team needs extra challenge, Team Synergy ™ can help redirect their energies, resulting in improved morale, attitude and relationships.

Focus on Collaboration, Not Competition

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-BuildingFor teams who need a reminder of the collaborative spirit, Team Synergy ™ guides your group toward positive change by showing them the value of individual strength. They learn how each team member comes together as part of the whole to overcome obstacles.

Most high-performing groups already have a healthy sense of competition, so the main focus is on collaboration. In this way, Team Synergy ™ is slightly different from our other team building workshops, which tend to incorporate a healthy dose of friendly competition to bring everyone together.

Team Synergy™ and Your Team

The Team Synergy™ workshop is designed around the concept that certain activities can bring forward the natural interactive styles found in the workplace. By drawing out each team member’s workplace personality and work style, our professional facilitators can then focus the group on core issues you’d like to improve.

By creating the curriculum with progressively difficult activities, the creators of Team Synergy™ have designed a workshop which works on higher-level communication skills…just what your high-performance team needs! Here are just a few of the skills we can help your team improve:

  • Big Picture thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Communication
  • Making connections with colleagues
  • Achieving goals while having limited resources

Can Your Team Meet the Challenge of a High-Performance Workshop?

It’s true: your team will work hard on accomplishing their tasks…but as with all good team building workshops, there’s an element of fun that goes hand in hand with all the challenge. You are asking a lot of your team when they attend a Team Synergy™ workshop…making direct connections to the workplace, performing self-assessment, and breaking down silos that may have existed for a long time in the workplace. Leave it to us, however, and we’ll serve up a collaborative attitude-adjustment that’ll leave your group energized, re-focused and ready to get back to work with a positive energy…that’s Team Synergy™ !