Wagon Builders™ Team Building Workshop

The focal point of this program is Building Hope. Your group will build wagons that will aid Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, or another nearby community!

Ann-Arbor-Team-Building-Wagon-Builders-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoRemember the red wagons we used to have as kids? We dragged them everywhere, hauling kid treasures, or supplies to build a fort. Maybe even snow to build a snowman! Imagine being able to give local families one of those red wagons filled with items they can really use. Your group will have a great time during this innovative charity team building workshop as they face challenges and solve problems. Wagon Builders™ puts the emphasis on the critical nature of collaboration to achieve success – much like in the workplace!

Participants figure out pretty quickly that competing against each other will hurt them, while finding ways to use one another’s strengths will allow them to be successful in assembling the wagon from pieces.

Not only will your team build rapport, strengthen trust, and learn more about each other, they will also:

    Better their communication
    Think more creatively
    Improve team morale
    Motivate each other
    Boost effectiveness

The objective of this team building workshop is to increase the effectiveness of the overall team while enhancing the benefits of each individual’s contribution. The reward for your company and for the greater Ann Arbor community is priceless. Create the chance for your group to contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts!

CSR is a rising focus in today’s corporate climate, and has been in Ann Arbor for many years. Companies in our local area have been taking their commitment to CSR seriously since long before it was fashionable. Because our professional facilitators have the ability to completely customize your team building workshop, your Wagon Builders can contribute to your organization’s community partnerships! You will be Building Hope for families and organizations in your community such as St. Joe’s, Mott Children’s Hospital, local emergency responders, kids from low-income schools and neighborhoods, and local food banks, just to name a few examples. If your group has a specific charitable organization in mind, we are happy to make sure that the wagons meet the needs of that group.

Ann Arbor Team Building | Wagon Builders Team Building Workshop | Wagons Filled

Duration: 2.5 hours is typical, and we can increase or decrease the time according to your parameters.
Donation: Coordinating with the benefit partner on your company’s behalf is part of the package. Whenever feasible, we invite members of the organization receiving your donation to attend the final part of the workshop for a memorable ending!
Combo:Many of our clients find tremendous benefit in combining a philanthropic team building experience with one of our classroom-based programs to make a complete day of professional development. Our Corporate Specialists would love to hear from you and create your customized quote.
Optional: Let us know if you have a preferred charity and we will add customized contents for your wagons for an additional fee. We’ll even make arrangements with the receiving organization – turnkey team building!

Call us today, and let us show you how we can make your event a success!